Monday, June 20, 2016

One last day – Inverness , Scotland

We checked out of the B&B after an unrermarkable breakfast and checked out of our cute little suite in Inverness. The proprietor was gracious in extending our parking in her compounds so we left everything in the car and set off to explore Inverness town.

We met with LH and hiked along the river southwards. The weather was splendid and bright. We walked along Inverness river, looped back at the man made island down stream and hanged out watching a family with 5 ( or was it 6 ?) children playing by the river shore. The pace was glacial which suited us fine.

We had our last meal in Scotland at a cute little restaurant where the friendliest service waited on us. Then it was off for a leisurely ‘market survey’ at the mall. Coffee break was the last unremarkable tea we had.

It was time for us to  part ways with LH. While we set off down to London, LH would set off for Singapore directly the day after.

Thus ended our trip with LH to Scotland. It could have been a little spontaneous and a little wild, but age catching up, we did nothing of that sort. H loves the place and indicated that she would revisit given the chance. Inverness shall call again , that is for sure. Until then, the world is calling.

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